Photo Booths have become increasingly popular at events in recent years, and not only are they perfect for entertaining your guests, they make for a fantastic marketing tool too! From Corporate events, Birthday Parties and Weddings, Photo Booths are popping up at events all the time and we’ve compiled a list of our top 4 top reasons why we think they make a great addition to your must have entertainment.


1: Interactive:

Photo Booths provide the perfect opportunity for your guests to get to know each other and get involved in the event from the word go. Whether they’re networking whilst in the queue or piling in to the booth with wigs and funky glasses on, your guests will have no trouble getting involved.


2: Themed:

You’ve chosen a theme for your event and want that theme embodied throughout your chosen venue, and with Photo Booth skins being totally customizable, you can continue your theme even on the photo itself! You can add your branding, hashtags, logo, color scheme and more to the booth itself and create fun designs to match your theme on the image. Your guests will feel totally immersed in the event.


3: Marketing:

Photo Booths are an excellent tool for marketing your event without putting in too much effort. If you event has a hashtag, get people sharing their Photo Booth snaps straight away by adding your hashtag to go the image overlay! And better yet, our booths can email the photo straight to your guests and share the image on Facebook, giving them the chance to share their photos and show off your event online whilst it’s taking place.


4: Keepsake:

Most photos these days are captured on phones and stored on ‘The cloud’, or only visible on Instagram feeds and public Facebook albums. Giving your guests the option to take home a keepsake of their special memories from the event makes it extra special and means they won’t be forgetting the event any time soon!

Why have a Photo Booth at your event?