Photographer and Owner
Veronica Schoeman

About Photo Corner



Photo Corner offers many different styles of photography ranging from newborn shoots to wedding and big corporate events. 


We approach every project in a manner that shows respect for both the subject and the client’s goal.  We work with the client to achieve the goal and memorable photogrphs. 


We always deliver on time and make sure that the client’s most critical needs are understood.  We strive to make a client’s life easier from the beginning of a project to the end.


We are prepared to face any problem with a creative solution, from the most dire to the off-the-wall.  We take criticism and adjust quickly in order to get the job done.  We are flexible and can pivot among changing circumstances. 


We present, negotiate, agree, execute and follow up with consistency and personal pride.  Good customer service will continue to be the cornerstone of Photo Corner’s business focus.  In the short term, we shall continue to be among the best in our niche product areas.


Photo Corner has a broad customer base and is also used an a regularly base by corporate companies to document their events and clients.


Photo Corner also spesialize in School photo's, year book photography and design.  These are especially high in demand as not all photography studios have the means or the experience to do these shoots.


Photo Corner's vision for the future is firmly rooted as a new perspective of keeping you in touch with your memories.  Photo Corner can deliver quality service and are being actively encouraged by many of our clients.  We can commit ourselves to the same culture of service excellence and stability well into the future.


We have put together the best of our experience, the best of our talents and this is the result.


One of our favourite types of photography is working with celebrities and over the years we were privilege enough to have worked with international celebrities like Morgan Freeman, André Rieu, Josh Groban, Cliff Richard, Roxette and a lot off others. Among the South African celebrities we have work with sport as well as music stars!


At Photo Corner we look forward to keeping you in touch with your memories.